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Icy tones create a serene workspace.

Make Coding Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow.
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reviewPsychological-Tax801Nice, this is gonna be my new default theme for the next few months. Hits a good mark of being visually interesting while also not being eye-slaughter to look at for long periods of time. Thanks for sharing.

edit: checked it out in a few different projects now and just want to emphasize: SO fucking clean. love this shit
reviewblack_anarchyAmazing job - the more I look at this theme, the better it feels. Wow!

This theme for me is already on part with the likes of OneDark, Seti, Retreon , and Agila.

Overall, the color schemes and tokenization for Bash, JavaScript, JSON, YAML/Ansible, and Vue files are awesome - the background color is nice too.
reviewpasanfloNice!! I love the first one.

Reminds me of Dracula theme but with added colours and details. Good job!
reviewDt-daveNice theme, installed and using it now. I love it,
thank you
reviewSuspect4peI think the first one is the best. These really are very nice themes and they're very pleasing to the eyes
reviewwolf_codesThank you, I love tokyo night but only thing annoying was git diffs and terminal autocompletion were little pale to me. But this theme looks like the one i need. 🫡
reviewfewytvSecond is now my ❤️
reviewCarbonGratedmix of tokyo night and nord, i love it!
reviewmisterjytI like the first one, purple is really good to my eye

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